Bay IT was established in July 2005 as the result of the sale of a successful EMEA IT business that had been developed and grown by those entrepreneurial businessmen who now form the Bay IT management team.

Today Bay IT is the parent company with subsidiaries whose offices are located in the UK, Ireland and Malta. Each subsidiary is focused on a particular industry sector and has its own management team which owns a significant portion of their business.

This structure establishes total personal commitment and dedication to our customers and ensures that each of our individual business units retains the motivation, agility and drive of a small business, whilst collectively offering the strength and resources of a larger business. This allows the individual management teams to focus on their core activities and put their customers first.

Bay IT fosters a dynamic culture with the ability to provide a wide variety of technological services. All of our of subsidiaries share the common Bay IT ethos of offering a high-value, professional service and adhere to established Bay IT accounting procedures and Health & Safety and quality systems.

Being a part of Bay IT enables our managers to use the strength of Bay IT to grow their individual businesses whilst collectively providing a wide range of services, some complimentary, comprising:-

Bay IT Services – based in Malta, this company delivers specified short and long term development solutions, project-managed from our offices in the UK, and carried out by our offshore team whose expertise covers such software languages as I4GL, Four J's BDL and Genero development environments, Java, Informix, Oracle and Sequel Server.

Bay Backup Services – With the help of Bay IT Backup Solutions, you can preform fully automated, incremental, managed backups of your company data every night and have them stored securely at an off-site location. more...

Bay Web Design – Whether you are looking for a new site or a redesign, we can deliver a high quality professional website for your organisation at an affordable price. more...

Bay Web Hosting – More info coming soon.

Bay DB Solutions – More info coming soon.

Numensis – based in the UK, Numensis has developed a payment solution for legal on-line transactions which combine impenetrable security, unrivalled user-friendliness and absolute user anonymity whilst circumventing the need for a bank account and credit card which makes it an ideal solution for those who do not have a credit or debit card or who, for fear of fraud etc, do not want to use their cards, particularly for on-line purchases.

EMEA Services – based in Ireland and the UK, EMEA Services is a speciality consultancy business that provides business support services for SME clients seeking entry into European, Middle East and African markets including financial services, transport, construction, mobile communications and Internet eCommerce.